What’s new for summer 2016? Among the changes in programming, activities, specialty programs and counselors, we are also changing up the idea of “sessions” at Rainbow Day Camp. We have decided to structure camp based on 2-week sessions instead of the 4-week structure we have always had. Why? Camp is one of those things that follows the idea of “the more you experience, the more you get.” Spoken like a true camp director—every kid should experience more camp. It’s not just the amount of camp, however, but the structure of the program.

Here are some things included in a “2-Week Session at RDC.”

  1. The first hour of each session will be dedicated to building a stronger camp community.
  2. The number of overnights and late nights will increase from 2x per summer to 4x per summer (one each session).
  3. Each session we will include a Tzedakah project for a local charity.
  4. There will be one primary Jewish Value focused on each session.
  5. The second Friday of each session will conclude with a celebration program.

Best practices in Day Camping have  structures that includes the following aspects:

  1. A sense of belonging
  2. Continuity and daily routine
  3. Variety of activities
  4. Development of friendships

If you want to achieve these goals to their maximum, sign your camper up for a 2-week session. Think about it this way: if a camper attends one day, their experience will be great. If a camper attends one week, their experience will be awesome. If a camper attends one session, their experience will be exceptional.

If you want to know more about JCC Rainbow Day Camp please call! Sharing our camp story and figuring out the best option for your camper is our pleasure!

Keep Smiling,


Director, JCC Rainbow Day Camp


(414) 967-8289


P.S. Watch for Why 2-Week Sessions: Part 2—a sneak peak at an actual session outline!