Yesterday Lenny and I spent time at the TAG Conference in Chicago. TAG is a resource library designed to provide interactive and thought-provoking experiences to help participants and staff discover the relevance of Jewish thought, history, and practice to their daily lives. Although TAG is a great resource and I was able to gain a lot of knowledge regarding the content during the conference, there was something else that struck me as extremely interesting and made me think. At one point the facilitator asked us to close our eyes and he asked…

What do you remember from 10 years ago? What experience did you have that stuck with you—maybe even changed your life? Take a second and think back. What do you remember?

10 years ago for me? 7th grade.

7th grade at RDC: Tsofim.

Looking back I couldn’t tell you all the activities we did, who won the canoe swamp, or what we did on our overnights. But I can tell you who the counselors were—Kevin, Sarah, and Jason.

Camp is more than the climbing wall, archery, arts and crafts, and swimming. Camp comes alive because of the people—campers and counselors. My best memories of camp aren’t when I played a specific game, but are focused on the people I was with. Camp is a community that will be part of my life forever.

Signing your child up for a week at Rainbow Day Camp gives them more than a week of fun. It gives them a family of people who support, encourage and accept them. Camp gives children an opportunity to find their passions and try something new while being surrounded by a unique and loving community. So remember, 10 years from now your child probably won’t remember every detail of their summer. But they will remember when Lenny made them laugh, who their counselors were, and the community they were surrounded by at Rainbow Day Camp.

With that being said, make sure to check back for some inside interviews with important members of our RDC community.

Take care RDC,