(Here are some common questions from parents – take a look!)

Q) How does my child get to camp?

A) There are bus stops at various places throughout the community

Lake Bluff School—Shorewood, Harry & Rose Samson Family JCC—Whitefish Bay, Bayside School—Bayside, Hy & Richard Smith JCC Water Park—Mequon, 1-43—Grafton – Bus times will be released for summer 2019 in May.


Q) How long is the bus ride and what will my child do during that time?

A) The bus ride is part of the camp experience! It takes about 30 minutes to get from the JCC up to Rainbow. That might seem like a long time, but it goes by quickly on an RDC bus! The entire ride is full of camp songs, jokes, games and even stories! There are multiple counselors on each bus encouraging campers to talk and participate! Plus, when each bus gets to camp they have to play a “bus trick,” on Lenny! These silly activities get the campers excited to board the bus and head to camp!


Q) What does my child need to bring every day?

A) Swimsuit, towel, lunch (with a drink), clothes for the weather, water bottle, sun screen, bug spray


Q) How does swimming work?

A) On your child’s first day of camp they will participate in a swim check. Based on their ability they will be given one of three different colored bands.

Red Bands: stay in the shallow end of the pool

Yellow Bands: are allowed to go into the second section where the water gets deeper

Green Bands: are allowed to swim in the deep water

Purple Bands: are allowed to swim in the deep water of the pool and the agam (pond)

These band colors explain to the campers where they can swim in the pool as well as what activities they can participate in when in the Agam (spring-fed pond). All our lifeguards are at least 16-years-old had have currently Lifeguard Certifications. They are supervised by our Waterfront Director who teaches them great skills on how to be the best lifeguards. We pride ourselves in the safety of our waterfronts!


Q) What does a typical day look like?

A) Individual group schedules coming soon!


Q) Does my child have to be Jewish in order to attend camp?

A) No! You do not need to be Jewish to have a Jewish Journey. Camp is open to anybody who is interested. There are Jewish components to camp like songs, prayers before and after meals, Friday Shabbat and different activities. This is a great place to learn about Judaism for every child!


Q) How do I sign my child up for Hot Dog Lunch?

A) Hot dog lunch can be done 2 different ways. – Send cash or check in an envelope with your camper on Friday and give it to their bus counselor or visit Campminder and select any Friday you wish! Your child will then be added to our list.


Q) How can my child celebrate his/her birthday at camp?

A) Birthday celebrations are the best at Rainbow! Simply call camp (920) 994-4614 and say your child would like the birthday package. This includes a visit from Chester Chipmunk and Birthday Chicken as well as cake for their group. Once we know the date simply send $20 with your camper!