lennyLenny Kass – Director

Lenny holds a degree in recreation and has been working with children for over 35 years. His past teaching experience includes Physical Education, Swimming, and Parent-Child classes. He has coached children ages 5-18 in Tennis, Basketball and Soccer. In addition to his youth programming, Lenny has lead senior fitness classes for 20 years. Lenny’s non-competitive and “let’s have fun” philosophy are the cornerstone of all camp programs. Lenny has the uncanny ability to charm children and adults–frequently referred to as a “Pied Piper”. He lives life with an enthusiasm and joy that is contagious. Keep Smiling!


shelby Shelby Kass – Associate Director

Although relatively new to the assistant director position, Shelby is not a new face to the RDC family. With over 20 summers spent at RDC, Shelby’s passion for camp is undeniable. Shelby graduated from UW-Madison in spring of 2015 with a BS in Community and Nonprofit Leadership. While attending school, Shelby worked for the Adventure Learning Programs where she developed a knowledge and love for Experiential Education.  Shelby believes that camp is the perfect setting to help children step out of their comfort zone, develop new skills, and better understand themselves. But most importantly, Shelby loves camp because camp is a place to sing silly songs, laugh and tell jokes, and truly be the kid she is at heart!