Want to work at Camp this Summer?


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Why should you be a camp counselor?

Camp can help you decide your career and find your passion.

Essie J CounselorI loved working at RDC for the first time this summer. I have always loved working with kids, and interacting with them so frequently and on such a personal scale was very impactful for me. After working this summer with some individuals with various cognitive or social issues, I decided that I want to become a child psychologist; I had been interested in becoming a psychologist initially, but wasn’t sure what type I wanted to be, but now I know! –Essie, 1 year staff



You will gain more at camp through relationships and experiences than anywhere else.

Alex K CounselorThe reason I work as camp isn’t for the money, its for many other reasons.  I come back year after year for the relationships I have created at camp; both with the campers, and the staff. I have gained many life skills from working at RDC, like leadership and responsibility. The biggest reason I work at camp, is because it’s the only job I have found, where I get paid to have fun, and be the kid I am at heart. –Alex, 3 year staff



You create a second family.

Emily J CounselorI love working at camp, because it’s like a second family for both the kids and the counselors. Being able to help kids with special needs is very rewarding and I love my job. –Emily, 3 year staff



Its fun!

Michael D CounselorRainbow is the type of summer camp I always wished I’d gone to, and it’s even more fun as a counselor. The kids are a blast, and the counselors are as fun to hang with as the campers. You can build Legos, play with trains, make a fort, you name it. And they PAY YOU FOR IT. –Michael, 2 year staff


It’s a safe place to express yourself!

Stephanie P CounselorCamp is a place where each person can express themselves however they choose. Each counselor and child is treated as an individual. RDC encourages and teaches happiness, silliness, and self confidence to each of its campers! –Stephanie, 2 years staff




Simply put—camp is amazing. 

Katie N CounselorOver the years, I continue to come back to camp each summer. I have met some amazing people because of RDC – best friends that I couldn’t imagine my life without. I come back every year and get to see campers I’ve watched grow up. Camp has been more than just a job, it is a family. I always say that it’s easy to go to work when you love what you do. Camp is no exception. RDC has made a great impact in my life and I’m thankful I was given the opportunity all those years ago. –Katie, 8 year staff



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