With 115 acres of land, there is so much to see and do at Rainbow Day Camp.

Check out some of our favorite campsite features!

Tennis Courts: with 8 full size tennis courts and 2 youth tennis courts, Rainbow is the perfect place for your camper to learn about this lifetime sport.
Catherine and Nathan Wahlberg Nature Center: This building is home to our fantastic garden and nature program which makes learning about our environment so fun at camp.
Gary Katz Sports Complex: From basketball, to soccer, to baseball, to gaga, to hockey, there is a sport for every camper here at Rainbow. We want our campers to learn all types of sports and learn how important it is to stay active.

Educational Garden: With our 60×60 foot educational garden we are able to provide campers with a unique program that focuses on the important of gardening. Plus the vegetables here are enjoyed by the entire JCC population!

Laser Tag Field: Our middle school campers can be found here enjoying a competitive game of laser tag. Watch out, they might get you!

5-Lane swimming pool: Our aquatics program is superb. Campers get Red-Cross Instruction during their daily swim lessons as well as free swim throughout the week.

Adventure playground: This special place at Rainbow is perfect for those campers who want to use their imagination. The adventure playground is the perfect place to dig holes, climb trees and build forts.

Amphitheater: Our amphitheater is home to our afternoon assembly as well as our musical theater camp. Perfect for our entire camp family!

Lodge: During the off season, RDC is home to many different retreats! This building can hold up to 150 people and is where our summer rental groups are housed.

Picnic Area: Everyday our entire camp gathers in the picnic area for lunch. Each group gets a table and we spend time as a whole community.

Learning Kitchen: Every group gets to spend a little time in the learning kitchen here at camp. This beautiful space is a complete kitchen that is perfect for teaching camper healthy eating habits while enjoying some snacks!

Archery Ranges: Campers get practice with basic archery techniques while learning to keep score! Archery is one of our most popular activities.

Agam: Our man-made lagoon is the perfect place for all times of boating! Plus, with the Wibit (inflatable obstacle course), your camper is sure to love time at this waterfront.

Climbing Wall and Zip Line: Our 40ft climbing wall and zip line is a perfect activity for our campers 2nd grade and older. They are able to challenge themselves and grow as individuals through this adventure based activity.

Gary Katz Playground: The playground is a favorite place for kids to play during recess. Swing, slide and play in the sand!

Bayit: Our main building on camp is home to our administrative offices, camp kitchen, infirmary and other spaces used on rain days!

Woodland Lodge: This activity lodge is where you will find campers doing LEGOs as well as engineering model trains.

Sandy’s Lodge: This lodge holds our dance studio, woodworking space and a sewing lodge!

Nature Paths: With 115 acres there is plenty of land to enjoy the beauty of nature. Take a hike on the woodland trail and see some beautiful scenery and even a few creatures!

Tsofim Village: Camp isn’t just for elementary age kids! Our Tsofim Village is the perfect place for middle schoolers to have a little freedom with being part of our camp family.

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